Something beautiful, stir my soul.
Lift my downcast eyes and heavy
Heart. Come, come upon me some
Subtle joy that rends some sweet
From a savory tear escaping.
Some drop of bliss come soothing,
One, if one can come, just one.
My child’s eyes, glint a little more
His precious love; look a little
More with something wondrous
Before you close to sleep.
What’s there is more than I can ask for:
Enough, if not too much to warm
Already. But oh, how I do want something more.
My child’s voice, speak a little more
His precious love; laugh a little
More with giddy pleasure
Before you turn to whispers in this lonely
Silent room, asleep.
Something, someone beautiful, lie here
At my side, to wonder at his dreaming
Smile at his gleaming, take comfort in
His seeming to be safe. Stay and tell,
Tell me I’ve done well
So far without a something,
Someone beautiful –
And stay for more a while.


About A. S. Ellis

I am always learning. Always. And that is as it should be.
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