Hard Thing


Had I known you before
What a romance could be
This sunset, moonrise
And dance on the shore.

You are lovely, my dear,
Playing soft notes on
This delicate wound of a man
That longs for an ear

To hear my heart’s song,
Spill it into your soul;
Swell and slake my own
Bled right through another so,
so, so long.

Dearest that cannot be
My dearest, you are peace;
Such wondrous humble passion
Whose eyes welcome me;

And know what I know
Of what we cannot now
Nor ever, perhaps, become;
I must reap what I’ve sown.

All the more to love:
Your stalwart expectations
Against what might’ve been
That’s wanted and not done.

Be patient, dear, with my curse;
Withhold your pretty heart from me.
But preserve it. Keep it.
Don’t give it away – what’s worse

Than love that willn’t wait
Forever? Now go, good friend,
Our safer distance
Until this healing fire abate.

Goodbye and farewell
Without ever a kiss between our lips;
Without ever a poem between our hearts…
Such a hard thing it is, but it is well.

Harder for me, we know. But we won’t tell.


About A. S. Ellis

I am always learning. Always. And that is as it should be.
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