Hold On


I’d like to smile inside
And age the smile like wine
Restrain its tangy youth
For deeper taste
And slight intoxication,
warm and full.

So hold, hold on.

Ferment with the appointed bitters
That tame too instant sweet;
Confine, combine them,
within planks of oak.
The Wood is necessary,
Crafted and carried to carry all:
Make a bad thing good
And a good thing better;
Commingled, kept, aged to peace
Until meted out outside in an old, warm smile.


About A. S. Ellis

I am always learning. Always. And that is as it should be.
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One Response to Hold On

  1. This is a great piece. Shoot me an email at mike@9trainpress.com whenever you have the chance — I have a quick question for you.

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