[It’s good to see you.]

You look well, I’m glad.
[I am, and sad.
Do I seem well to you?]

Thanks, I feel well.
[As well as hell can feel;
…and him?]

I’ll have coffee, too, please.
[Remember when? It’s been so long
Since then. So fondly
I remember.]

I had a walk the other day
In the trees, up on the cliff.
[It was a dozen to the day
Since we took hands. Did you
Think on it?
Did he?]

A friend has had
A sad diagnosis; but takes it well,
Though sick.
[I never did sell
your ring – I wear it
Round my neck.]

Your place looked comfortable.
That’s a pleasant thing.
[Damn his…
His furnishings!]

Oh, why yes. It’s in the mail.
[Do twelve years disappear
So spritely away? And your heart
No part away with them?]

You should take the boat and
– oh, the grapes, they’re nearly ripe.
Would you like them when they are?
[I want you to
Have somewhat of what our garden
Grew. A token, dear,
of yesteryear?]


This is good, sitting here.
[Do you miss me, ever?
I want to hold your hand.
Just once, your dainty fingers
Only. For old time’s sake. For

You’ve got to run, yes. I too.
[I do. But wait, don’t you – ]

Yes, it was good to see you too.
[But I – ]

[ – cry
at times I
Miss you still at times I
…love you.]


About A. S. Ellis

I am always learning. Always. And that is as it should be.
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